"The CycleShell arrived safe and sound and my husband is THRILLED. He's very happy with the design, the features, and especially the attention to detail that went into the construction. This may very well be the most successful birthday present ever.” – Laura

“I live in W. Texas with plenty of dust storms. Got my shell set up and checked in after a few days, NO DUST !! Seals very well and keeps everything out. Great Product. Will for sure recommend product. Thanks Mark.” Terry




"Just got my CycleShell today. It's awesome, I love it! Many many thanks for the speedy service." Aaron - Chico, CA

"I got and LOVE IT! It will be a life (bike) saver for the winter!" Brantley - Calabash, NC

"Thank you for the quality product & spot-on customer service." Jeff - Compton, CA

"If anyone wants to know how well the CycleShell stands up to winter show them this picture. I live in NY and we just had Superstorm Juno dump 18-20” of snow on us. First thing I did today after it passed was to go out and see how my Harley fared. Well, the proof is plain as day. Not only did it hold up through the snow and high winds but the snow didn’t even accumulate on top of the shell. I am so pleased with your product and very happy I bought it. Well Done!!" Richard - Levittown, NY

"Just thought I would drop you a note best investment for my bike I ever made. I live in South Florida in a condo near the beach and salt spray and film was on my bike every day even under my cover and now dry as a bone. Well done!!!" Glenn - Pompano Beach, FL

"...was over and beyond my expectations, this has been one of the best buys I have ever made, awesome product and company to deal with. OPENED LIKE A SUIT CASE AND RIDE ON, WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEO, IT IS EXACTLY LIKE THAT PERFECT...feel free to ask me about this product, as a retired car dealer you know how hard we are to please!" Harry - West Columbia, SC

“We received the two CycleShells in great condition and made the few assembles required on the floors. We are very satisfied with your service and the quality of the shells. We had a night of 45 mph winds the same day we received the shells and found no dust or damage to anything. Thank you for the ordering help. The product has enabled us to keep the bikes safe in the hostile environment of the West TX panhandle.” James – Amarillo, TX

"My CycleShell got here on my birthday and I've been enjoying it ever since. I just wanted to say that it's a beautifully constructed work of engineering that in my opinion is worth every cent. Thanks for making such a wonderful product that does such a great job protecting my baby." Paul - Brentwood, TN

“I'm loving my CycleShell. Very happy with the engineering, quality, and construction. I live one block from the ocean and desperately needed this to keep the sea air from my bike. I like the fact that my Electra-glide fits in there with plenty of room. Nice work.” Shawn – Neptune Beach, FL

"The CycleShell is a SUPERIOR product. It's easy to install and addresses the inherent weaknesses of other "like" products in the areas of platform, all-around protection from elements, installation and ease of use, and sturdiness of design. I'm a very happy customer. I wish that I would've known about your product before purchasing the Cycle Shelter 3 years ago. Thanks." Jack - Millersville, MD

"Just received my CycleShell yesterday and I'm very pleased with the product so far. I have it set up under my deck on patio pavers were I normally store my Harley. Always used a cover but stored it at Harley during winter months. Not anymore. No more separation anxiety (haha). CycleShell looks to be very well made and I love the fact nothing touches the bike." Robert - East Boston, MA

“These things have had 3 feet of snow sitting on 'em for a month a time, sat in 90+ degree direct sunlight, and have gone through crazy wind storms here at my place. With the exception of some mildew in one of 'em (little boat drier from west marine came unplugged), They're both still in as good of shape as the day ya sent 'em to me, and other than putting a little boat drier in each, I've done NOTHING to maintain them! You Sir, have set a standard very very few American manufacturers can match!” T.J. Struck Maple Falls, Washington

"I thought you might like to read a blog post I just published on my website about the CycleShell. I thought I might spread the good word:Erik's blog" Erik - Charlottesville, VA

"Mark received the CycleShell. Took 15 mins to set up. Well worth the money. Thank you!" Micheal - El Paso, TX

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