"I got my Cycleshell this week and I am very impressed. It fits my Honda Cruiser like a glove and was easy to set up. No sooner did I get my bike in the Cycleshell when it started to pour. We had torrential rains all night, but my bike was high and dry. You have a great product. Thanks."
B. Widtfeldt, Woburn, MA

"Just wanted to let you know that I set up my cycleshell just before my 10-day drive across the southwest. I had cleaned the bike up nicely, to test out how things would go. When I got home, my truck was covered in dust, and had some cat tracks across the roof and hood. But when I opened up my cycleshell, I just had to put on my helmet and ride off on my shiny bike! THANKS!!!!!" A. Wedemeyer

"Got my new Cycle Shell yesterday, put it up today, all I can say is WOW!!! Great material quality and workmanship, easy to use couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks for a great product. FYI- I am 55 years old and in my life time I've only written two letters of this nature. Thanks Jefffry"

"Well it has been about 3 years since I bought my Shell. All I can say, greatest motorcycle invention since the wheel itself. My ride has endured some of the worst weather NY has to offer, and it looks better than all my garaged buudies bikes. Awesome product !!!!!"
J. Rabinowitz

"Bought your Cycle Shell back in Feb and set it up upon my return from Bike Week. It has been through heavy rain, some snow, blustery winds and it holds up outstanding. My black beauty is now safe and cozy with no threats from the elements or a cover to scratch her. Thanks again for a great product. Tony"


Frequently Asked Questions

What size CycleShell®do I need?

Almost all sportbikes fit in the Sport size. Many custom bikes will also fit in the Sport size. If your bike has mirrors on the handlebars, the highest point on your bike will be the mirror on the throttle-side when it is parked on the kickstand and the front wheel is turned to the left. This measurement needs to be below 53 inches to fit in the Sport size.

Cruiser bikes fit best in the CycleShell® Cruiser size. Windshields and saddlebags are fine as long as there is no rear trunk or topcase. Also, Sport-Tourers like the Hayabusa, FJR1300, ST1300, K1200RS fit best in the CycleShell® Cruiser size.

A Honda Gold Wing, a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic, BMW K1200LT, Yamaha Venture, or a Kawasaki Voyager will fit in the CycleShell® Tourer size.

Can I order online?
No. We want you to call to make sure that you are getting the correct CycleShell® for your motorcycle and to offer you different shipping options. However, feel free to email us for additional information about the CycleShell®.

What are your shipping options?
The CycleShell® Sport, Cruiser and Tourer are shipped through Estes Express Lines freight and there is a $60 savings to ship to a business address versus your home address. For a shipping quote, please call or email us your zip code.

If my business is located at my place of residence, does it still count as a business address?
No. Estes Express Lines does not recognize home-based businesses, and will charge them as residences.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, business or personal checks, and money orders. We do not ship COD.

How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 1995.

What makes your product the best?
The CycleShell® is the original motorcycle enclosure, and was designed and patented by CycleShell® inventor Mark Cooper. Unlike a cover or a non-contact cover, the CycleShell® is a full enclosure. Your bike is parked off of the ground and completely sealed from the elements. We use the highest quality materials and build all enclosures by hand. The CycleShell®is the only true motorcycle enclosure on the market and you will be dealing with us directly. We are committed to offering a quality product.

What do you guarantee?
The CycleShell®is warranted against manufacturing defects due to material or workmanship defects for a one-year period after the original date of purchase. This warranty does not include damage resulting from accident, misuse or severe weather conditions. If the CycleShell®should become defective within the warranty period, we will repair or elect to replace it. We will return your product, transportation charges paid, provided it is returned to us prepaid.

Where is the CycleShell® manufactured?
The CycleShell® is custom made to order in Boulder, CO. All of our materials originate within the USA.

Is there any assembly required?
No. The CycleShell® is completely assembled upon delivery. Simply open the platform and unfurl the cover. We do provide a kickstand plate, tire plates, a wheel wedge, and two anchor spikes that you can affix to the CycleShell®.

How does the CycleShell® close?
The first frame member that you pull over your bike meets the platform and is attached at two pin latch areas. A skirt velcros around the edge of the platform to further seal out any wind, dirt, and debris from entering at the bottom.

How much snow load will the CycleShell® hold?
The CycleShell® is designed for year-round outdoor use, including winter weather. However, we do recommend brushing off snow if it there is heavy accumulation.

How much wind?
The CycleShell® can withstand large forces of wind. It has been tested here in Colorado with gusts up to 70 miles an hour, and wind has never been a problem. It comes with two spikes which can be anchored into the ground or asphalt. It can also be secured to concrete with a sleeve bolt, lag bolt, concrete bolt, etc..., which can be found at your local hardware store.

Does the CycleShell® need to be anchored down?
Anchoring is optional. There should be no problem when your bike is in the enclosure. However, if it is placed in an open area without the bike inside (such as a parking lot), a large gust of wind could be enough to scoot the enclosure.

Can I use it to transport my bike in the back of my truck or on a trailer?
No. The CycleShell® is not designed for this use.

Can I use the CycleShell® on grass?
Yes. The CycleShell® comes with stakes to secure the platform to the ground. All you need is a flat surface of about 4 feet by 10 feet.

Can I park my bike inside while it is hot?
Yes. The CycleShell® enclosure will not touch the motorcycle, and it is well ventilated to allow heat and moisture to escape.

Does the CycleShell® have a rigid platform?
Yes. The platform is 52 pounds of high-density polyethylene (a hard plastic used in outdoor products) that is indestructible. It is approximately 1.5 inches thick and will support the weight of any bike. It can also withstand high and low temperature extremes.
What are the dimensions of a CycleShell®?
The platform size of the CycleShell® is the same for all three sizes: 45 inches by 5 feet when closed, and 45 inches by 10 feet when open. The Sport has a height of 60 inches, and the Cruiser and Tourer models are both 67 inches high.

What is the difference between the Cruiser and the Tourer?
Although the Cruiser and Tourer models are both 67 inches high, the Cruiser is only this high at the very peak, whereas the Tourer includes an extra frame member so as to extend this height for about 3 feet across the top of the enclosure. The additional frame member enlarges the size of the enclosure so that it can accommodate a rear trunk or top-case.

What is the frame structure made of?
The CycleShell® frame structure is made of aluminum tubing and coil rod, which is extremely durable. It is flexible, yet very strong.

What is the cover fabric?
The CycleShell® cover is made of a high quality marine fabric that is used for making boat covers. The material is designed for year-round outdoor use. In addition, our seamstresses top-stitch all seams and we apply a urethane seam sealer for watertightness.

Does the cover fabric come in various colors?
No. All CycleShell® covers are silver.

How can I extend the life of my CycleShell® cover?
We recommend treating the CycleShell® cover with a silicone protectant, such as Super Protectant that can be found at Wal-Mart or 303 (30320) Aerospace that can be found on Amazon or camping and boat suppliers. Use of Armor All or other petroleum-based protectants is not recommended.

Can I replace just the cover in the future?
Yes. We sell replacement CycleShell® covers for the price of the fabric.

How is the CycleShell® better than a throw-over cover?
The CycleShell® is a full enclosure. The bike is parked off the ground on a platform, and the cover easily unfurls over the bike without touching it. The bike is protected from dirt and weather, and can be put in the enclosure while still hot.

Will the CycleShell® fit a trike or a bike with a sidecar?
No. The CycleShell® currently does not have a size to fit trikes or motorcycles with a side car, however, we are working on such a design for the near future.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions:

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